5S training in design as a medium for disseminating awareness of the importance of disciplined approach in conjunction with the housekeeping. 5S is a lean manufacturing technique that most affect the implementation of lean manufacturing that aims to minimize waste-waste at the plant. So with trainings that are well managed then lean manufacturing objectives will be achieved with ease.

The formation of consciousness as lean manufacturing 5s housekeeping to be done in an organized and continuous. Because it deals with the formation of habits of association, habit to work where everyone has a different character.

5S is itself a fundamental element of the manufacturing and JIT elements in the Toyota Production System. 5S felt very necessary because it affects the quality of the products. If kondis 5S is not well maintained then it is likely that productivity will also not be maximal, even a layman can be concluded that the product was not qualified.

Initially 5S is a housekeeping japanese culture in manufacturing. But now been adopted and recommended by all manufacturing in the western world, the Western implementation of JIT, Lean Manufacturing and the like.
5s trainings in the world manufacturing is commonly used in almost all companies in the world within the framework of lean manufacturing in a company. Therefore each company ma do not want to do and apply the 5S concepts in his company, if you want to compete in the industry worldwide.