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Six Sigma Must be Supported by the Proactive Management

Each project is associated with quality will be more effective if supported by all parties within the company. The support can be referred to financial support, ideas, support facilities to facilitate the conduct of research. Director of the company is the most important person who has broad authority and decision-makers of the highest in the company. As the most influential person must be a major icon in Six Sigma projects. Support from the director / head of the company will be a strong motivation to drive Six Sigma projects. All forms of support will facilitate the implementation of the project. Just as Six Sigma was first initiated by Motorola Corporation that was driven by one engineer named Bill Smith got the full support of CEO Bob Galvin.

Six Sigma is Collaboration All Component

Six Sigma is a great project to make improvements. Six sigma will be achieved if there is interference from all sides in a single manufacturing system. All components of the company must take part in the implementation of six sigma. To obtain optimal results six sigma collaborate with anyone in the company. Between operators with supervisors, between supervisors with the manager and so forth. as well as 5s, if all involved then the stronger the relationship between employees and the faster the target is reached. continued….

Six Sigma Focus On Process, Management and Improvement

Sig sigma project is not just data processing, and summarized the improvements recommended in the hope of raising the quality of products according to customer requirements requested. Furthermore six sigma method users should also understand very well the production process that will be the improvement project. In detail the characteristics of a production machine, (if applicable with the means of production), work rules and activities of the operator. The main objective of Six Sigma is a customer get a quality product, but its implementation remains focused on the process of a product in production. Our ability to understand the process that became the main target is to help smooth and improve the final outcome of this project. Ability to identify problems in production, Determining the variable-variable as the basis for data analysis, make appropriate analytical model for the relevant data and provide alternative solutions to the items believed to be the source of the problem.

Management of Six Sigma is Based on Data and Facts

Trust of customers will be awakened by our sincerity in providing settlement and arguments based on real data and accurate data. As we all know that in business there complaints in the process of business relationship between the manufacturer and customer. Most important is the management of these complaints have to be a momentum to each other to provide solutions based on the actual situation. The emphasis in the provision of argumentation is the provision of accurate data against errors that occur later presented scientifically and logically all matters relating to production.

Customers are the Main Target of Six Sigma Projects

End of a quality product is just a regular customer value. Product quality is not the product of the prestigious, has high artistic value, an attractive design and arrangement of the complex. But in the world of manufacturing and business, said product quality if they meet the necessary criteria of customers. If customers ask for products with type A and certain designs are then manufactured products as requested. Customers not only the buyer, who only need the product, purchase and complete. But more than that the buyer is the king who must be served. As a manufacturer of a company should be able to deliver products that comply with the qualifications required by the customer.

Six Sigma is Business Strategy

Basically, Six Sigma is the result of processing data that can be used as reference to achieve a near-perfect condition (no defect). Six Sigma is not just a methodology but has become a business strategy to achieve company goals. According to Peter Pende in his book “ The Six Sigma Way: Team Fieldbook, there are six main components of the concept of six sigma as a business strategy; 1. It really put the customer 2. Management based data and facts 3. Focus on process, management and improvement 4. Proactive Management 5. Collaboration without boundaries 6. Always chasing perfection.

Six Sigma: Statistical Methods for Improvement

What is six sigma? how it controls the manufacturing process? Manufacturing activity is so complex and complicated. But in essence is how to deliver a quality product and in accordance with the criteria that the customer requested. In the process of manufacture of products that do a lot of activities such as 5s which refers to Japanese culture in managing the workplace, lean manufacturing, six sigma, and so forth. In this article I will discuss about six sigma as a quality control activity.