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Application of Image Processing in Industrial Engineering

Application of image processing in Industrial Engineering is divided into four namely the application in the field of operations research, production techniques , processes and systems manufacturing , and ergonomics . Implementation in the field of operations research Application of image processing in the field of operations research is still very limited. One of the possible is to assist sampling simulation data (e.g. arrival or queue) . Implementation in the field of production engineering The application of image processing techniques in the production of many kinds, including:

Measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers

There are several methods that can be used every company to measure and monitor customer satisfaction and enterprise customers. : 1 . System of complaints and suggestions A customer-focused company that makes its customers to provide suggestions, their opinions and complaints. Media in use include a suggestion box in place in strategic places , providing comment card and a dedicated phone line from phone systems Sydney . But because these methods tend to be passive , it is difficult to get a complete picture of contentment and customer satisfaction. Not all dissatisfied customers will then deliver them directly. Just switch to another company and not the company will be a customer again. 2. Customer satisfaction survey Generally a lot of research on customer satisfaction in a survey done by using either by post , telephone or personal interview . Measurement of customer satisfaction through this method can be done in various ways, among others: 1. Directly Reported Satisfaction Measu

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction ( Customer Satisfaction) is determined by the customer’s perception of the performance of the product or service to meet customer expectations . Customers are satisfied when expectations are met or will be very satisfied if match customer expectations . In determining customer satisfaction , there are five factors that must be considered by the company ( Lupyoadi , 2001) , among others : 1. Quality of the product , ie customers will be satisfied if their results show that they are using quality products . 2. Quality of care or services , the customer will be satisfied when they get good service or as expected . 3. Emotions , ie customers will feel proud and get the belief that someone else will be amazed to him when using products with certain brands that tend to have higher levels of satisfaction . Satisfaction obtained not because of the quality of the product but the social or self- esteem that makes customers feel satisfied with a particular brand . 4. Price ,

Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations

General understanding about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of the differences between consumer expectations with the performance perceived by consumers. Various definitions of customer satisfaction that has been researched and defined by marketing experts , it can be concluded that customer satisfaction is a behavioral response consumers in the form of after- purchase evaluation of a good or service that feels ( product performance ) compared to consumer expectations . Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations of the consumers themselves . The factors that influence perceptions and expectations of consumers when making a purchase of goods or services is the need and desire felt by the consumer when purchasing a product or service , past experience when consuming goods or services and the experience of friends who have consume the goods or services and advertising . In the competitive environment , the indicators that can demonst