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The Quality is not the Responsibility of Quality control Experts

A common mistake that companies in terms of quality control inspector is they rely on a meticulous and a team of quality controllers who have high knowledge. The companies that spend money to make a strict supervision system so that none can pass the defective product from the production room. They are also willing to pay dearly for an experienced quality team and experts in quality. Various consultants were brought in the hope of the quality of the product quality can be controlled and made of high quality products on the market. But if the company wants it? Treatment and the establishment of such quality that it feels very stiff and can not be fully implemented in the company. Remember! That the company is moving the people who have varying levels of emotion and cannot be treated with the same pressure. Do-do will be a boomerang for the company itself. The number of workers strike work, it is because the fatigue of workers with the pressures that should be minimized.

Quality Made Collectively

In the modern enterprises, the creation of quality not based on one section quality, or top management, or any inspector. But the creation of quality based on the shared responsibility of the system and the way work is referring to lean manufacturing, in other words the system and the concept of quality is made jointly, through joint meetings and also set major goals and objectives that industry. So that each member has a role in determining company policy. Awareness will be key to the success of the quality of a system of quality control in a company. Consciousness is a collective consciousness of all the member companies that directly relate to the product or not. This awareness will grow if all members of the company was given ample space for expression and creativity as well as a tribute to those who really contributed to the company. Vision and mission must be formulated together especially to do with quality. Determination of goals and objectives of industry short, medium and lon

Eliminating Inspection Activities

Inspections for companies is to be done to ensure the quality as expected. On the other hand is a waste inspection activities should be eliminated in the manufacturing process. Waste which will appear in the inspection process is a waste of labor to be used in the inspection process. From the results of these inspections will produce a good product, the product could still be in the rework and product failure. Impact caused by the presence of inspection activity is the production process is carefully and tend not to pay attention to the creation of good quality, because they think that the output of the products still have to pass inspection. By contrast, if early on they are equipped with self awareness and quality inspection. With the self-inspection has always maintained the quality of the production process.

Inspection is the key to Quality?

Inspection is necessary to ensure the best quality products. Outside the world of industry, such as Bank, government agencies and the like, inspection will determine the performance quality of service to customers. In the world of traditional industry inspection process is the right choice to control the product in good condition. If you want a guaranteed product in accordance with the standards required then each process must have an inspector on duty to observe and select the product defective. If you can rework, returned the previous process, but if outside specifications should be in the exhaust. If there are 100 in the production process then how labor inspector must be provided. How much work to be done to rework? Is not this a waste that should be eliminated.