A common mistake that companies in terms of quality control inspector is they rely on a meticulous and a team of quality controllers who have high knowledge. The companies that spend money to make a strict supervision system so that none can pass the defective product from the production room. They are also willing to pay dearly for an experienced quality team and experts in quality. Various consultants were brought in the hope of the quality of the product quality can be controlled and made of high quality products on the market.

But if the company wants it? Treatment and the establishment of such quality that it feels very stiff and can not be fully implemented in the company. Remember! That the company is moving the people who have varying levels of emotion and cannot be treated with the same pressure. Do-do will be a boomerang for the company itself. The number of workers strike work, it is because the fatigue of workers with the pressures that should be minimized.

Not the responsibility of creating a quality inspector and quality control experts. For the modern enterprise management concepts that should be abandoned. Formed because of the quality of the worker and the member companies of the quality itself. They are not accountable to anyone but is responsible to himself and to the system that are part of everyday working procedures