Inspection is necessary to ensure the best quality products. Outside the world of industry, such as Bank, government agencies and the like, inspection will determine the performance quality of service to customers. In the world of traditional industry inspection process is the right choice to control the product in good condition.

If you want a guaranteed product in accordance with the standards required then each process must have an inspector on duty to observe and select the product defective. If you can rework, returned the previous process, but if outside specifications should be in the exhaust. If there are 100 in the production process then how labor inspector must be provided. How much work to be done to rework? Is not this a waste that should be eliminated.

The concept of lean six sigma, process inspection is still required. However, the most important thing is to eliminate waste, including the use of labor as efficiently as possible. If the inspection can be eliminated again why should the inspection? If the quality is maintained until the end of the process without inspections why it was not done. Rework is waste must be minimized and even jobs are discarded. It is necessary to study in lean sigma project to eliminate rework existing production proceed.

So inspections are not the only key to quality. But it is still necessary in order to maintain quality. No need to waste energy for unnecessary inspections. Awareness of the qualities should be instilled to each employee to produce a high quality product.