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Manufacturing Process Flow

For new employees who will work in manufacturing companies. The first thing that must be mastered is the manufacturing process flow. Manufacturing process is the correct order, how a product was manufactured, from raw material to finished goods. There are several steps that must be overcome to produce finished goods. In general manufacturing process is divided into sections as follows: 1. Incoming Material 2. Production process 3. final Inspection 4. Finish Good Store 5. delivery

Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Company is a company engaged in the manufacture and assembly of raw materials or intermediate goods into finished goods ready for sale used funds enumerated by the consumer / end user. Manufacturing company means also the engine management, manpower and support equipment for processing raw materials into finished goods. But there is also the only manufacturing company producing the raw materials into semi-finished goods and raw materials supplier of the other manufacturing companies. Alpine Research Optics offers the best polarizing beam splitter optics in United states. Manufacturing companies based on their production activities can be a company that most of its production process was done by humans, there is also a manufacturing company that produced the activity is done using machines that still rely on human hands. But for a large manufacturing company, the use of high technology is an option that should be done to improve the efficiency and production errors. The u

Data and Statistical Analysis Concept for Six Sigma

Data is a major component in terms of research and development. So also with the improvement for six sigma analysis. To present the current conditions, and the results achieved, the most precise and reliable data is to present the data in the form of statistical data, pictures and graphics. So does that have anything to do with the production / manufacturing, a lot of variables that can be used for data analysis purposes. Improvement in manufacturing activity, the first thing asked is sought and data, both types of data and data sources. Statistical data based on sources and how to obtain it can be described as below.

The Five Components of Quality

One challenge is maintaining the quality improvement remains at a predetermined quality standards. For example, the quality standards of delivery of goods “Timely Delivery” which is a component of quality in the category of delivery. To maintain the quality associated with timely delivery. All components of the emotion from the process observed packing, loading and unloading, scheduling, dispatching, shipping company partner selection, and so forth. Each variable associated with the delivery of improvement to be done in stages to make the appropriate quality standards.

Customer needs and Quality Characteristics

Between needs and customer demand with the production of goods that we have to fit so no complain. Starting from the voice of customer and do countermeasures in the form of improvements in production. This improvement is the product characteristics that can be measured. Quality characteristic here is a form of treatment, the system of production, delivery management, treatment of finished products according to customer needs. Example below is the correlation between customer need and the quality characteristic