For new employees who will work in manufacturing companies. The first thing that must be mastered is the manufacturing process flow. Manufacturing process is the correct order, how a product was manufactured, from raw material to finished goods. There are several steps that must be overcome to produce finished goods.

In general manufacturing process is divided into sections as follows:
1. Incoming Material
2. Production process
3. final Inspection
4. Finish Good Store
5. delivery

Incoming material is the handling of raw materials from suppliers that will be on the raft, or manufactured into finished goods.

Production process is a long step involving the production of some components. These sections can be said that the actual production process because it involves many components for the production in terms of manpower, material, machinery, and measurement. And in this process that many problems that arise and require special handling.
After passing through the production process then continued with the inspection process to the finished product. This process is usually done manually by workers who have been trained. But there are certain parts that can be done automatically.

Then the next is a temporary treatment that has passed the final product inspection and meets the required quality standard. This section is called the finished goods store. From here the product is carefully controlled, how the production of ready-made and how the products are shipped to the customer. Absolute knowledge of material handling must be controlled by members on this section.

The latter is the process of delivery of the finished goods to the customer. On thissection involves the delivery company will send. Of course the issue of quality must be maintained until the hands of consumers. Commitment between our company and its partners are taking care delivery must be maintained.