Data is a major component in terms of research and development. So also with the improvement for six sigma analysis. To present the current conditions, and the results achieved, the most precise and reliable data is to present the data in the form of statistical data, pictures and graphics. So does that have anything to do with the production / manufacturing, a lot of variables that can be used for data analysis purposes.

Improvement in manufacturing activity, the first thing asked is sought and data, both types of data and data sources. Statistical data based on sources and how to obtain it can be described as below.

1. Measurement data. This data was obtained from a measurement instrument on the machine, tool production, transportation, storage, inspection process, the performance of manpower and so forth. The data obtained for example length, time, velocity, pressure and so on. These data are also called analog data, variables, and continuous data.
2. Count data. Data is also called discrete data, digital data. Usually the results obtained in the form of definite numbers. For example, 1,2,3,4, … and so on. Objects are drawn proceed to the production of a number of good products, the number of errors, number of employees, and so forth.

Statistical data in the form of numbers is the basic ingredient for further data processing in order to display more informative and easily interpreted. The final results of the statistical data processing is usually in the form of pictures, graphs are more easily understood even by a layman though.