One challenge is maintaining the quality improvement remains at a predetermined quality standards. For example, the quality standards of delivery of goods “Timely Delivery” which is a component of quality in the category of delivery. To maintain the quality associated with timely delivery. All components of the emotion from the process observed packing, loading and unloading, scheduling, dispatching, shipping company partner selection, and so forth. Each variable associated with the delivery of improvement to be done in stages to make the appropriate quality standards.

Component quality is the main category for product development is the general quality, cost, delivery, service & Safety and corporate responsibility, each of which is described as follows:
1. General Quality, covers product features, dimension, product characteristics, reliability, effectiveness.
2. Cost, includes the cost of manufacture, transport, distribution, inventory, sales price, cost to customer
3. Delivery, which includes the production volume, lead time, turnaround time, setup time, delivery time
4. Service & Safety, including components of accuracy problems after purchase, failure, parts availability, service, warranties, Costumer required maintenance, product liability and product safety.
5. Corporate Responsibility is the responsibility of the company in terms of manufacturing process problems caused by such pollution, pollution, environmental destruction and disposal management.