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Six Steps DMAIEC Process Improvement

DEFINE • Launch The Project • Define Outcomes • Identify Stakeholders • Select Team • Determine Proj ect Approach • Create Project Plan MEASURE • Define The Current Process • Address “Low-Hanging Fruit” • Obtain CustomerCTQ’s • Gather Initial Metrics • Determine Current “Sigma” • Stratify Data • Determine Initial Value Proposition ANALYZE • Develop Cause & Effect Hypotheses • Gather Causal Data • Determine & Validate Root Causes (X’s) IDENTIFY • Identify Breakthroughs • Select Practical Approaches • Design Future State • Predict New “Sigma” • Perform C/B & Risk Analysis

CAP-DO Cycle to Improve an Existing Product

CAP-DO is used as a factory / company has been producing and marketing the product to the customer. And its customers had been stable, the production process, delivery and service to the customer is already running. The first step of the method is a CAP-DO CHECK, performance of the product or service, based on the gap that occurred on the issue of quality, price, service, delivery or safety characteristic. And this will be analyzed in the relevant processes and production starts with the inspection in the variable. Then if it is in the Check and find the root of the problem and then solving the second picture is the ACT to amend or fix the errors or deficiencies exist. Then forwarded to the Plan to plan remedial measures based on the results of “Check” before. With this plan we know is made as effective planning and changes made to the improvement.

CAP-DO Cycle (Improvement Method for Existing Manufacturing)

CAP-DO Cycle • START: Check to see how the product or service is performing • Study to learn important production process variables • Develop a way to revise the important production process variables • Revise the work plan, train & educate the workers on the new Plan • Do the work, collect data on the product/service/ production process

Shewhart-Deming Cycle (PDCA Concept)

PDCA cycle concept first introduced by Walter Shewhart, an engineer who worked at Bell Laboratory since 1920 and one of the mentors Demings. So in the end is often called the Deming PDCA cycle, Shewhart Cycle, since Deming popularized it. PDCA cycle is the engine that focuses on manufacturing process improvement.Plan-Do-Check-Action is a basic improvement methods commonly used in the production process and an overall management philosophy.

Improvement Principles

Every time in the world of manufacturing, we are always required to Improve, improve and Improve. If the company wants progress must always make improvement every time. Improvement is based because of increasing competition in the product, both types of products and quality on the market. Some of the principles that must be held by the manufacturer to develop the company can be described as follows: 1. Improvement must be general and easily applied Methods of improvement are made, as far as possible should be applied by all members of the company. But if it is not possible to be arranged so that member companies that deal directly with the product can contribute to improvement of the methods that have been made.