CAP-DO is used as a factory / company has been producing and marketing the product to the customer. And its customers had been stable, the production process, delivery and service to the customer is already running. The first step of the method is a CAP-DO CHECK, performance of the product or service, based on the gap that occurred on the issue of quality, price, service, delivery or safety characteristic. And this will be analyzed in the relevant processes and production starts with the inspection in the variable.

Then if it is in the Check and find the root of the problem and then solving the second picture is the ACT to amend or fix the errors or deficiencies exist. Then forwarded to the Plan to plan remedial measures based on the results of “Check” before. With this plan we know is made as effective planning and changes made to the improvement.

For instance, we often see many different performance measures in place in organizations (financial, quality, reliability, safety, etc.). Although there may be an understanding that a “gap” exists, the organization may be reluctant to analyze why the “gap” is there (you know them – those chronic problems your organization has suffered with for years).

There may be reluctance to take action even if the important process variables are understood (sometimes, “politics” stands in the way). Even if action is taken and changes are made, the “CHECK” step is often skipped (note that a change does not necessarily equal improvement!).

We also know several organizations that like to practice the “PCA” cycle: They PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and then they CHECK the Plan and ACT to revise the PLAN. They never seem to get to the DO phase!