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Determine the Customer's Needs

To achieve the quality that meets customer needs, a manufacturing company should be able to determine the products that really fit with the needs of consumers. Along with the development of demand and customer requirements then there are things to note are: 1. Development of goods and services to meet those needs There are two items that should receive attention of goods and services. Development of goods in terms of design, reliability, low price is the main priority to be able to compete in the business world in the world. Goods that can not follow the development of time is left on its own. Trends in new goods will be the main priority in designing a product. Through rigorous research stage and will systematically produced product up to date and the product that is able to predict market demand.

Determined Our Customers as a First Step Quality Planning

This is the first in implementing quality management planning as suggested by Juran is to determine our customers. Market segmentation must be accurate so that all the products we produce. Identify the customer is very important to eliminate the activity, work that should not be necessary. Incorrect identification will result in waste production, and many require additional fees. Quality Planning does not only focus on how to design a product with high quality. But must also consider the effectiveness of production and could reduce waste inproduction. Research design invalid would complicate the production which can lead to waste.

Strategic Management and Technical Management

Still talking about quality management of Juran, that he third line with quality management functions of Quality in product planning, quality in production processes and quality control in some improvement in every line of the company, Juran also distinguish two types of quality, namely a. Strategic Quality, which is managing the quality management level. All of wisdom-related products company, employees, the use of funds to ensure the quality of a strategic nature. The system involves a company that company officials will determine the direction of the company itself. Quality control will not work properly if there is nosupport system that encourages improvement in corporate activity. Regulations andt his strategic system plays an important role to improve quality.

Quality Improvement

Quality improvement is the third step in the Juran trilogy. If all systems in manufacturing is already well under a coordinated and well controlled, then the next step is quality improvement. Quality improvement must necessarily be done by the company, because the market demand is always changing. If not able to follow the market will be increasingly left behind. We cannot rely on the product that we think is perfect last year because it has been through the stages of design and good process control. But the product should be able to compensate for the existing development trends in the community. Quality is not an end. Each time quality standards will change in terms of design and usability. Quality should continue to be developed towards a better and better. Quality products and has built a reputation in the eyes of consumers with a very long time. Time required to make improvement. Although any small improvements made, it must be done because it is a process of becoming perfect qual

Quality Control to Ensure Only quality Products are Delivered to the Customer

Juran trilogy still learning about them to deliver a quality product must be in strict quality control. Control is done starting material flow from suppliers, production processes and treatment of the finished goods and shipment of goods to the customer. All must be checked and carried in a strict and regular control on the basis of good management. Material coming from the material supplier should be able to ensure a truly qualified. Quality materials have been through some process of supplier selection, material characteristics of the survey, a review of factory construction. Once selected and confirmed the material and suppliers of the most important thing is to control every material is ordered. If any problems occur when the supply of materials must be done quick and organized action. Example there are out of spec material received from suppliers, it should immediately complain to a supplier because if it will not cause a lot abnormality in the production process. With Scantech In