Still talking about quality management of Juran, that he third line with quality management functions of Quality in product planning, quality in production processes and quality control in some improvement in every line of the company, Juran also distinguish two types of quality, namely

a. Strategic Quality, which is managing the quality management level. All of wisdom-related products company, employees, the use of funds to ensure the quality of a strategic nature. The system involves a company that company officials will determine the direction of the company itself. Quality control will not work properly if there is nosupport system that encourages improvement in corporate activity. Regulations andt his strategic system plays an important role to improve quality.

b. Technical Specification, which are quality products at the operational level of a technical nature such as size / shape of goods or design services provided to consumers. With the moral and financial support and a strong desire on the part of management, technically will follow. Matters of a technical nature here will be done by trained professionals in their field.

Collaboration of this quality management system will make the company will be strong in terms of quality and competitiveness.