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Customer satisfaction measurement metric method

Consumer satisfaction is the level of consumer feeling after comparing between what he receives and his expectations. if A customer is satisfied with the value provided by the product or service, it is very likely to be a customer for a long time. Measurement Methods of Consumer Satisfaction According to Kotler cited from Total Quality Management Book there are several methods that can be used in measuring customer satisfaction, such as (Tjiptono, 2003: 104): a. Complaints and suggestions system Customer Centered organizations provide customers with extensive opportunities to share their suggestions and complaints, in case you need to handle a customer, here is an article about how FINRA arbitration works . This information can provide brilliant ideas for the company and enable it to respond quickly and quickly to solve the problems that arise. b. Ghost shopping One way to get an idea of customer satisfaction is to hire some people to act or behave as potential buyers, then report thei

What is Customer Satisfaction?

Basically, the purpose of a business is to create a satisfied consumer. The creation of customer satisfaction can provide several benefits such as the influence between the company and the consumer into a harmonious, providing a good basis for repeat purchase and the creation of consumer loyalty, and form a recommendation from mouth to mouth that is profitable for the company. There are some experts who define consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the consumer’s response to a disconfirmation evaluation perceived between previous expectations (or other performance norms) and the actual performance of the perceived product after its use. Definitively it can be said that consumer satisfaction (Basu Swastha, 2000) is: “An impulse of individual desire that is directed to the goal to obtain satisfaction. In this case we need to know that a desire must be created or encouraged before fulfilling the motive. The source that drives the creation of