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What kind of company is it?

The company is a form of business entity by the number of employees and great products. Government also has a policy of its own to be the establishment of a company. In Indonesia is now widely established firms. And here is a wide-ranged companies: 1 Sole Proprietorship Traits – traits 1 Held individual (individual or family company) 2 The management simple 3 Capital is not too large relative 4 Continuity of business depends on the owner 2. firm Traits – traits 1 Member firms usually know each other and trust each other 2. firm agreement can be made ??before a notary public or under the hand 3 Using common names in the business activities 4 The existence of responsibility and risk of loss are not limited to, profit or loss will be shared 3 Company Commanditaire (CV) The characteristics: 1. founded and owned by two or more 2 The parties in the CV as a leader, manager and person in charge of the company (the owner is active). 3 other parties in CV just put venture capital, only resp

The important point of a company

Management is like a foundation to run a business. Various management system can be done and always improved every year. By good management companies, an effort that could continue to rise. Following seven management system framework: 1 Strategic Measurement Analysis and Reporting Technique (SMART) 2 Performance Measurement Questionnaire (PMQ) 3 Performance for World Class Manufacturing (PWCM) 4 Quantum Performance Measurement Model (QPMM) 5. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) 6 Integrated Performance Measurement Systems (IPMS) 7 Performance Prism After the above frameworks are formed, it’s time to do business wheel according to the principles and standardization efforts to support the advancement and development of a company. Standardization that include: 1 Keywords: Mature 2 Qualified Human Resources, Loyal, and Prosperous 3 Open Manager, Decisive, and Democrats 4 Comfortable Working Environment and Support 5. Open and Always Learning While the principle in the form: 1 Work hard 2 Work goo

Marketing and marketing management

Marketing is a process of transfer of goods or services from the producer to the consumer by way of advertising or promotion malalui various ways and people use websites for this, so web design companies from sites as help a lot with this. While marketing management is a process of analysis, planning, implementation, coordination and control of marketing programs that include product policy, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, services, and ideas are offered to create and promote the exchange of benefits to the target market in an effort to achieve organizational goals (Boyd, Walker, Larreche, 1998, p.16). Here’s the good and the right marketing and the most apt to dupe the customer / buyer, don’t forget to visit this website to find out more about the best marketing for small business. Another type of marketing specialty is consumer packaged goods marketing Establishing a web presence and effectively marketing your busines

Surefire way of managing risk

Risk management is a process of identification, measurement, and financial control of a risk that threaten the assets and earnings of a company or projects that may cause damage or loss to the company. Risk management is required by a company because it can help in minimizing, preventing, addressing and fixing any risk that will / is being / has been happening at the company. And in this case, the company should also employ a risk manager or take assistance from leading business solution websites like in performing tasks which are more focused on risk management. But before you manage a risk, you should know the risks beforehand in order to determine which method is used for these risks. This was done because of the risk of many kinds and the direction it came from. Here are surefire ways to manage the risks in the company: 1 Identification of risk 2 Analysis and evaluation of risk 3. response or reaction to cope with these risks And lastly we will discuss about t

Implementation of ISO in Enterprises

International Organization for Standardization is an international standard resident entity consisting of representatives from the national standardization bodies every country. At first, the abbreviation of the name of the institution is the IOS, not ISO. So it doesn’t have a ring to it, like most acronyms do. Hence, it’s made an abbreviation. But now more often use ISO abbreviation, as in Greek isos meaning equal. This usage can be seen in the word isometric or isonomi. Founded on February 23, 1947, the ISO sets standards of industrial and commercial world. ISO, which is an international non-profit organization, originally formed to create and introduce international standardization for anything. Standards that should be familiar include the standard type of film photography, the size of a phone card, bank ATM card, the size and thickness of paper and more. In setting a standard they invited representatives from 130 countries members to serve on the Technical Committee (TC), Sub Com