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Manufacturing Process of Resistor

Do you know the resistor? Yes, An electronic component that serves to inhibit the electric current. Or in more detail the electronic circuit is to divide the current into each of the other components in an electronic circuit according to the needs of electric current to the input required. Many businesses have different forms of resistor installed at their workstations as not all the machines require the same input of electricity to function. It is always good to compare business electricity while setting up a business as this is one such aspect which involves a lot of the capital from the business, thus finding an apt one which can help the business in many aspects must be one of the crucial steps every business owner must take while setting up their business. Also do you need to haul equipment from one place to another? Do you need to remove something heavy and awkward or do you need to haul electrical materials to your work site? We offer 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton pickup trucks, and 1 to

Conduct Interviews to Determine Customer Needs

Opportunity of interaction with customers should be utilized to the maximum extent possible to know the customer in connection with our products. Are our products already meet the standards required by the customer. Is the product permit in accordance with customer demand and whether there are problems that occur related to our products? To get the answers we need to do an interview with the customer. Interviews should be conducted systematically and regularly, so data obtained can be used for basic data analysis. Several stages of the interview process can be described as follows:

Customer Research

Officially a company must have an agenda to do the research to the customer. This is very important because life and death of the company depending on the customer . If the product / service we are not in accordance with customer demand then one day it willbe a great loss for the company, especially in terms of our product competition in the market.

Storage space and Product Variations

To reduce the level of preparation of a warehouse, warehouse space size should be minimized. Nevertheless, the situation with Kanban JIT production system is currently considered the need for a number of stocks in the warehouses of spare parts made by the previous process. The reason is: 1. When the system is taking a fixed amount and the cycle does not remain in use, the former should have a number of stocks of spare parts so to adjust to the scheduling decision is not necessarily time. With this system, the scheduling of the retrieval time is not necessarily due to fluctuations in demand in foreign markets. 2. When the system is fixed and the numbers of retrieval cycles used are not fixed, the former should have some preparation to adjust to the number of shots that are not fixed by the next process. Again, with this system, the number of shots because of the behavior of white fluctuating customer demand.

Capable of Making the Product Under Actual Operating Conditions

Creating a quality product design should stick to the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing. Lean manufacturing focuses on the savings in all production lines must remain the reference. Indeed the general product quality must be built with raw materials, machinery and processes are also expensive. But that does not mean having to add production machinery if there are changes in product design or any new product. Trends and design changes may often occur in the course of making products that meet the standards of customer demand. However, the appropriate design expertise with production machinery that exists is the main priority in order to obtain maximum benefits.