Creating a quality product design should stick to the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing. Lean manufacturing focuses on the savings in all production lines must remain the reference. Indeed the general product quality must be built with raw materials, machinery and processes are also expensive. But that does not mean having to add production machinery if there are changes in product design or any new product.

Trends and design changes may often occur in the course of making products that meet the standards of customer demand. However, the appropriate design expertise with production machinery that exists is the main priority in order to obtain maximum benefits.

New product does not have to use the new machine. If the old machine can still be used, should first be utilized to the maximum extent possible. But if it is not possible and requires a new machine with the consideration that product demand and profitable in terms of business, then it could buy a new machine.

A company must realize that the cost of bringing the machine to the new products require substantial funds. Among the cost of purchasing machinery, installation costs, training costs for operators, setup fees, cost of removal of the old machine with a new layout engine and so on