Officially a company must have an agenda to do the research to the customer. This is very important because life and death of the company depending on the customer . If the product / service we are not in accordance with customer demand then one day it willbe a great loss for the company, especially in terms of our product competition in the market.

Customer demand and customer requirements to become a keyword in research on customers and markets. Customer demand is an indicator of our products acceptable to the market or not. If the customer are met then we can be sure that our products sell well in the market and have a place on the customer side. While the Customer requirement suggests that we are recognized as quality products.

Customer Research can be done to study the existing market, with an aim to identify complaint, defective, reject to make an improvement of products / services. In addition Customer research can also observe the behavior of end user customer and our product as well as a growing trend in the market. This feedback will be useful to study the design of new products to be launched. The product is what will balance the development trend and consumer behavior