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Statistics is The Main Tool to Perform Six Sigma Project

statistic for improvement Of the various methods in plant improvement, Six Sigma is one of improvement by using statistical methods as the main tool to analyze and produce data that is the result of improvement. So, what is meant by statistics here. Statistics is a branch of mathematics devoted to learning about these data have been learned since elementary school. Because of the importance of statistical science is the statistical program is taught in every school curriculum from primary school to university faculty who become their own, because the breadth of knowledge learned. In applications in industry statistics are indispensable for the improvement process to improve quality and productivity. In general, the statistics are defined as follows: 1. The science That deals with the c ollection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts and data 2. That language describes and analyze the physical variability of a process

Six Sigma Analysis Tools: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Facilitate the Flow of Work

Standard peration Procedure, Operation Instruction, Work Instruction is a detaileddescription is taken from the PF diagram. If the PF SCARA workflow diagram explaining the outline and for more details poured into Operation Instruction / work procedures that have been standardized In the Standard Operation Procedure contains specifications for each activity and made detailed and as simple as possible in order to be understood by all operators who run them. In six sigma among the tools that one another have different capabilities in providing data for analysis. They have their own way to solve the problem. Identify the problem can be seen clearly with the root-case analysis or fishbone diagram. After knowing the root of problems in manufacturing the next step is to create a procedure to complete. One way is to make the standard Operation Procedure, for completion of the steps that we do can walk with a systematic and orderly

Six Sigma Analysis Tools: Histogram Displays the Distribution of a set of Continuous Data

A histogram is a vertical bar chart displays the distribution of That a set of continuous data. It Can Be Used to indicate the location and dispersion of the data. Histograms are also often referred to as Frequency Distribution Chart, where the presence of the histogram graph, we can easily find out frequencies in the view bar on the histogram. In a lot of manufacturing will produce variations in the data. These data should be grouped in certain frequency intervals. This grouping is shown in the graph if the histogram will be clear. The highest stem is the highest frequency of our data analysis. Next the left of kana is data with frequency with a value below it and so on. Distribution and frequency grouping would facilitate determining the decision limits the data that is used in accordance with the needs or variations in data that must be removed.

Six Sigma analysis tools: Diagram of CE/CNX | Cause and Effect | Constant-Noise-Experiment Diagram

Next tools are often used to analyze six sigma is a diagram of the CE / CNX or better known as Fish Bone diagram or Isikawa diagrams. The use and characteristics of fish bone diagram is – Used to analyze the causes of a problem and finding the roots of existing problems – Describe in detail the causes of the problem down to the smallest. – The cause and effect diagram shows the systematic relationship Between a fixed result and the related causes. – This diagram can be said the version details of the IPO diagram where each component in the IPO seen again the parts are more detailed. – In general diagram of the CE / CNX is usually produced from the discussion / brainstorming.

Six Sigma Should be Presented with the Process Flow Diagram

Many things are done in running a project including project development six sigma quality, the way to do it requires a systematic measures and targeted to produce a directional well. It is therefore necessary that the raw sequence that could indicate the activities that need to be done. In any production process standardization process flow is needed to serve as guidelines for new and old employees. Because if there is no standardization of the work of each worker will look chaotic and irregular, although the end result is the same. In the end that feels is waste which caused the inequality standard work each worker.

Graphic Analysis and Six Sigma Tools

Easy to Present Research Result In research, data search, data processing and deduction will be more easily understood if set forth in graphical form. Broadly speaking we can know, conditions, problems that occur and the possibility of settlement roads. From the graph we can know the way researchers thought, about what is researched, how the methods used and HSIL will eventually like. The use of graphs in research should be undertaken as a visualization of data in the form of sequence of numbers to the layman would be difficult to translate. To present a research result, it’s easier to communicate data with the drawings. Use the chart should be made as simple as possible so that no layman can understand and describe the actual condition.

"Six Sigma Has Spread like Wildfire Across the Company" : Jack Welch

One of the rapid development of six sigma led by Jack Welch who is the CEO of General Electric. He’s not half-hearted invest for the development of his company by doing a six sigma project. His hard work has yielded remarkable results. Development initiatives his company a role model for global companies. Projects handled and conducted training has resulted in millions of dollars in profits for his company.

Six Sigma Training: Some Factors Influencing the Success of Six Sigma

Six Sigma will work with a brilliant achievement if supported by the resources and the role of various components of the company. Six Sigma is a big project that could save millions of dollars if properly executed. Like the CEO of General Electric Jack Welch: invested More Than U.S. $ 500 million in Six Sigma Initiatives Increase 40% on operating margin and $ 5 billion in savings Tied in 40% of top executive bonuses to Their Six Sigma record (in the book “Jack Welch and The GE Way “by Robert Slater.) Basically, six sigma is influenced by things as follows: