Six Sigma will work with a brilliant achievement if supported by the resources and the role of various components of the company. Six Sigma is a big project that could save millions of dollars if properly executed. Like the CEO of General Electric Jack Welch: invested More Than U.S. $ 500 million in Six Sigma Initiatives Increase 40% on operating margin and $ 5 billion in savings Tied in 40% of top executive bonuses to Their Six Sigma record (in the book “Jack Welch and The GE Way “by Robert Slater.)

Basically, six sigma is influenced by things as follows:

>Effective leadership involvement.

Project leadership election must be considered, if possible, choose people who have good managerial skills, at least served as manager. Members of the Green belt must also be the case. They should be able to move the organization into a great strength and capable of solving problems in production.

Aggressive and rigorous approach to managing and Improving business processes

Having a good energy to do the improvement in process and that has to do with customer satisfaction. Quick response to the problems that exist and understand how the process of problem solving to ensure the high quality and reputation in the eyes of the customer.

Disciplined use of methodology, facts and data

Methods of research and improvement has been tested by the inventor and developer of six sigma, so it was through trial and error that led to a standard and reliable methodology. To make a six sigma project, the implementers should be disciplined with a superbly recommended methodology, appropriate data collection techniques and data processing procedures and decision-making matches based on data analysis. Everything must be followed in accordance with the procedures and techniques. Success will be realized if all of the tools used in project discipline.

Strong results orientation

Investment for the project sig sigma is not that a little investment. Therefore the selection of research projects ranging from the determination of the team and use the tools should be considered carefully and thoroughly to produce the expected product. All members and results-oriented management can reduce costs and reduce the variation in accordance with the objectives of Six Sigma