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The importance of Quality Assurance Role

Production processes that are running will always be controlled by the supervisor, the supervisor in question in terms of input and output production. Member settings, engine optimization, material treatment, implementation of 5s in the production area, the implementation of appropriate work procedures, and implementation of lean manufacturing and lean sigma which has been taught by a team of six sigma. Implementation of lean sigma and lean manufacturing that has the purpose of improving productivity and quality, had to be done by all parties in the company without exception. But there was one more section that plays a role in surveillance, research and continuous quality improvement. Common across the firm, section or department responsible for the quality, the QC (Quality Control) and QA (Quality Assurance).


Toyota production system to integrate and achieve different goals (ie controlling the quantity, quality assurance, and respect for humanity) while pursuing the ultimate goal of reducing costs. Repair activity is a fundamental element of the Toyota production system; is what makes the Toyota production system really can work. Each employee mempuyai opportunity to give advice and propose improvements through a small group called Quality Control. The process of giving such suggestions enable improvements in control by adjusting the number of routine operations to changes in cycle time, improvements in quality assurance to prevent the recurrence of work disability and the machine breaks, and in honor of humanity by allowing each worker to participate in the production process.

Quality Planning as the Foundation for Achieving High-Quality Product

To design a product requires a long time to do research. Research was conducted to obtain products that do have high sales; customer can be accepted and supported by the resources that allow making the product. Planning a mature will make the company the confidence to market their product designs, competitive, and the iconic company that will produce many benefits for the company. But on the contrary, if the research product is not able to follow the market trend is reversed. Product will be rejected by society, low quality and of course the loss will be suffered by the company.