To design a product requires a long time to do research. Research was conducted to obtain products that do have high sales; customer can be accepted and supported by the resources that allow making the product. Planning a mature will make the company the confidence to market their product designs, competitive, and the iconic company that will produce many benefits for the company. But on the contrary, if the research product is not able to follow the market trend is reversed. Product will be rejected by society, low quality and of course the loss will be suffered by the company.

For the case discussed actual planning itself in training DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) that the implementation of more flexible but requires precision and accuracy of research. In the trilogy Juran, Quality Planning is placed in the first place, with the intention of quality will be achieved by planning product that always refers to several things to achieve the targeted quality for example:

Identify customers who are in the company synchronize the available resources with customer requirements

Process the products have been designed in accordance with quality standards that have been determined and the appropriate characteristics

Enough knowledge to explain the product characteristics and product specifications to be produced so that it can communicate well with customers and can describe all that is needed by customers

Quality assurance which ensures all products made truly a quality product. With the guarantee from the company doubts the new customer will be avoided.

Corporate environment that supports the creation of a quality product, such conditions are maintained with the bail 5s, lean manufacturing activities which has always been nafar for the company, empowering labor and so optimal