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Identification of "Carrying wastage"

Plant efficiency problems are complex and not as though there will be endless, if we trace in detail the activities of manufacturing has a side that charges against the company’s costs but if we are observant then all forms of corporate expenses due to production activity can be minimized gradually. So it is with carrying wastage, without realizing it also affects the timely delivery of time (Just-In-Time-JIT), which ultimately also affect the high production cost. Many activities are carried out everyday which is a waste. Starting from shipping, store activity, production and other activity. All these activities are mostly wasted in the sense that if it changed its management will be able to reduce the waste that exists. Activities move goods from one place to another does require special handling and standardization are clear. If there are accumulated a lot of moving goods and even thousands of activities conducted by the workers and of course thousands of kilometers of distance cove

Visualize the 5S Improvement with Photos

Every time there is improvement, the image must be created and installed near the last photo to show the chronological series of improvements. If the date of the upcoming shooting events have been notified and recorded clearly in the chart (photos posted on the bulletin board.) This will be the goal and will help increase the desire of workers to continue to show improvement till that date. These charts are also used by supervisors for assessment. Photography is a great incentive for workers and allow management to continue improvement activities effectively. Through portraits of activity, workers can see first hand his skills with a sense of pride or shame. Awareness that improvement is necessary is a spontaneous reaction to an embarrassing photograph. Conversely, if the portrait of activities shows that the regulations have been implemented 5S, workers have set a good example and a role model for her coworkers.

Point Photographing will Provide Stimulus for Improvement

Portrait of an act of taking pictures of the same position and direction on 5S conditions before and after repair in accordance with the application of 5S. This image is then disclosed to the workers for comparison. Portraits of this activity will lead to a sense of pride or shame when workers see the comparison. Sometimes there are also workers who embarrassed to show the condition of his workplace, because they do not want exposed to the public. But for an auditor must be responsive to every place that is hidden, must be photographed and immediately took action to immediately improve their workplace conditions. This shooting system is very easy to make a report to superiors about conditions in the manufacturing 5s.

Manufacturing wastage will of Increase of Operating Fund

Expenses are very complex enterprise, ranging from raw material costs, production costs, maintenance costs, labor costs and others. With the manufacturing waste, the company will increase the cost burden. Therefore, all waste must be managed and removed from manufacturing. How big is the burden borne by stocking waste which occurs in the production. This is a variable that is difficult to quantify because it involves the habits, activities conducted daily. Savings derived from lean manufacturing activities and reduce waste may be calculated if the tangible gains and losses can be known.

Wasteful Carrying and Inspection

Stock is buried in the warehouse and in production indirectly slow the production process time and delivery processes. Wasted time include time spent removing, transporting and carrying of material / product from one place to another place and time required to conduct an inspection of the product in a state of over-capacity. Carrying Wasteful No we know the path that is used to transfer material from the initial material and products derived from container to be a finished product ready to be sent at the customer requires a distance of miles. Therefore, if there is accumulation of product in the warehouse or in production will add mileage to the customer’s product. Trimming this route part of lean manufacturing.

Wasteful Use of Space

As outlined in the concept of 5S, stockings wastage is also strongly influenced by conditions 5S inadequate, both in production and in the warehouse. In connection with stockings wastage place and space usage must be considered and resolved as effectively as possible. 5S management role is needed to settle this issue. Existing space must be arranged with due regard to: 1. Line in use, transportation and goods transportation in and out of the warehouse and in production 2. Settlement system that is easy to identify and capture the goods. 3. FIFO system should remain the reference in the queue system and arrangement of goods in the warehouse to facilitate the retrieval of goods. 4. If the production of material placement should not interfere with production activities

Long Delivery Time

Long delivery time greatly affect a company’s business continuity. How not, customer trust built upon honesty and mutual trust is built one of them is the accuracy and speed of delivery. Accuracy in accordance with the specifications provided and the speed in accordance with the schedule and the agreement that has been made between producers and customers. Fast or slow delivery depending on the system used by the company. If the company has a stock of products that much, certainly not an issue. Delivery on time can be carried out in conditions like this.