Long Delivery Time

Long delivery time greatly affect a company’s business continuity. How not, customer trust built upon honesty and mutual trust is built one of them is the accuracy and speed of delivery.
Accuracy in accordance with the specifications provided and the speed in accordance with the schedule and the agreement that has been made between producers and customers.

Fast or slow delivery depending on the system used by the company. If the company has a stock of products that much, certainly not an issue. Delivery on time can be carried out in conditions like this.

Some factors that could hamper delivery are:
1. Raw materials are not readily available
2. Delivery of goods to the area of old production lines due to the difficult and long distances
3. Long process, a low engine speed
4. Less highly trained operators, so that in the process slower and less willing to take initiative
5. Machine breakdown is not addressed
6. The process of loading and unloading which takes a long time.

The six activities are the obvious technical problem and its resolution step can be done very quickly as well. For example, delays due to a lack of trained operators, the solution step is to provide training to operators to really understand and skillfully running the engine or replace with operators who have advanced. Problem is finished!

The problem will be difficult if delays occur without us knowing it, for example setting up and preparation of stock that are less good and did not refer to the principles of lean manufacturing. Button the small errors that occur are not realized by the operator of production that they are hampered because the roads are messy preparation, labeling that makes it difficult, space and the road closed stacks of goods and so forth.

Such wastage settlement requires awareness and habits that must be planted continuously through 5S and lean manufacturing programs.



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