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Principle of 5S

The 5S are prerequisites for any improvement program. As waste is potential gain, so eliminating waste is a gain. 5S Philosophy focuses on effective work place organization, work environment, reduces waste while improving quality and safety. There is no hope for efficiency or quality improvement with dirty work place, waste of time and scrap.

Productivity Concerning matter the final outcome

Productivity means something that contains the potential to be extracted , so that productivity may say something in order to process structured activities that explore the potential that exists in an object . Philosophy productivity implies the desire and effort of every man to always improve the quality of life and livelihood . In general, productivity is defined as the ratio between the output with the input, productivity is “Concerning matter the final outcome , ie how much the final results obtained in the production process , in this case the efficiency and effectiveness ” and Comparison between the output with the input . If productivity is rising was only made possible by an increase in efficiency ( time , materials , labor ) and labor systems , production techniques and an increase in the skills of its workforce ” . From the opinions of the aforementioned productivity has two dimensions , the first effectiveness that leads to the achievement of maximum work is the achievement

Kaizen is Divided into Three Segments

According to the concept of kaizen in Tazakigroup ( 2000 ) , kaizen is divided into three segments , depending on the needs of each company : A. Kaizen yang berorientasi pada manajemen, memusatkan perhatiannya pada masalah logistik dan strategis yang terpenting dan memberikan momentum untuk mengejar kemajuan dan moral. B. Kaizen yang berorientasi pada kelompok, dilaksanakan oleh gugus kendali mutu, kelompok Jinshu Kanshi untuk manajemen sukarela menggunakan alat statistik untuk memecahkan masalah, menganalisa, melaksanakan dan menetapkan standar atau prosedur baru. C. Kaizen yang berorientasi pada individu, dimanifestasikan dalam bentuk saran, di mana seseorang harus bekerja lebih pintar bila tidak mau bekerja keras. Kaizen is a Japanese management concept of the single most important and is the key to Japan’s success in the competition . Japan always thought that there is not one day has gone by without any action refinement. Kaizen is an integral tool of philosophy, systems and tool

Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Quality Function Deployment ( QFD ) is a methodology in the design and development of products or services that are able to integrate ‘ consumer voices ‘ into the design process . QFD is actually a way for companies to identify and meet the needs and desires of consumers to the products or services it produces . Here are a few definitions of Quality Function Deployment according to the experts : 1. QFD is a methodology for translating customer wants and needs into a product design that has the technical requirements and characteristics of a certain quality ( Akao , 1990; Urban , 1993) . 2. QFD is a structured methodology that is used in the process of designing and developing a whole set product specification needs and desires of consumers , as well as the capability to systematically evaluate the product or service to meet the needs and desires of consumers ( Cohen , 1995) . 3. QFD is a system of product development starting from product design , manufacturing process , until the prod