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Definition of Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering that is fairly new compared to other engineering sciences such as mechanical engineering , electrical engineering and so on . At the end of the decade some of these , industrial engineering is quite popular and arguably is becoming a trend not only in industrialized countries but also in countries that are developing, including Indonesia. Industrial Engineering mention incomplete without mentioning Fredrick Winslow Taylor Taylor is probably the pioneer of Industrial Engineering of the most well-known even Fredrick Winslow Taylor is often defined as the Father of Industrial Engineering though the whole idea is not original . He presented the idea of organizing work by using management to all members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ( ASME ) . He coined the term ” Scientific Management ” to describe the methods which he built through empirical studies . Its activities include topics such as organizing work with the manage

Image Processing in Industrial Engineering

The development of today’s technology makes people want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency with digital technology . For example , in the past the majority of people if you want to take pictures of an object are still using analog cameras , but is now able to use a digital camera and the results are processed , stored and transmitted electronically. Computers have a very big role in data processing because it has a high computational capabilities , so that the data is processed into information . One of these data can be images or digital images that can be processed to obtain better information and efficient because the data processing is done by the computer system . Since its first appearance in 1920 of digital images , especially the emergence of applications in computer technology in digital image processing 1960 processing an image in the computer easier . Digital images or digital image can be processed by computer to obtain better information and efficiently . Processi