The development of today’s technology makes people want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency with digital technology . For example , in the past the majority of people if you want to take pictures of an object are still using analog cameras , but is now able to use a digital camera and the results are processed , stored and transmitted electronically. Computers have a very big role in data processing because it has a high computational capabilities , so that the data is processed into information . One of these data can be images or digital images that can be processed to obtain better information and efficient because the data processing is done by the computer system .
Since its first appearance in 1920 of digital images , especially the emergence of applications in computer technology in digital image processing 1960 processing an image in the computer easier . Digital images or digital image can be processed by computer to obtain better information and efficiently . Processing of the data is referred to as image processing ( image processing ) . The main function or operation of image processing is capable of generating object information in the form of a digital image that can recognize the characteristics or patterns to be processed further and obtain information automatically.
The current image processing technology has developed very rapidly and will continue to evolve . Indeed, the field of image processing is a very attractive and very broad application . By computer image processing technology is currently widely used in various fields , such as medicine , agriculture , biology , geography , and others. Industrial engineering is one field that applies image processing and , although not as famous as many other areas , especially in agriculture and biology . Yet it is precisely in the field of industrial engineering was the development of image processing is very fast compared to other areas . In addition to views of the increasing number of emerging industries and also demands to produce high-quality output on a variety of products produced by each industry . Industry continues to grow and demand improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and one of the tools to reach it is by applying image processing technology.
In the world of industrial engineering , image processing better known and more widely used and developed in the field of quality inspection . Image processing in the field of quality inspection in industry is used to test quality through the physical form of a product such as food products / beverage cans, bottles, etc. The application of image processing technology in the field of industrial engineering is not only limited in quality inspection , but also in other things such as assembly , safety , and so on .
Therefore, studies of image processing in industrial engineering education institutions in Indonesia are appropriately developed and applied to a useful stage for the industrial world . Research in the field of image processing has the advantage that relatively costly because quite rely on computers as processor. The topic can come from creative ideas that came from the various problems that arise in industry