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Qualified Human Resources

Implementation of lean six sigma enterprise system cannot run properly if it is not supported by reliable human resources. Reliable in the sense that translate the concepts of lean sigma and are able to apply in practice in accordance with their respective job description. Changes in the manufacturing world are so fast, both the level of competition and market trend of absorbed products, imposes manufacturer must organize them to face global competition. For human resource development to be conducted. To create a reliable system of human resources and proven methods are needed that perfectly structured, ranging from recruitment and training system-provided training. The first thing done is an ongoing survey of the condition of the company’s internal and external conditions in the company. This is done for the proper formation in accordance with market needs.

Performance Analysis of Six Sigma Project

Lean Six Sigma training in an integrated, systematic and sustained will be the fundamentals of business leadership skills that are useful in the development of professional management, so as to build a corporate organization that refers to the concept of corporate professionalism and efficiency in all areas. To measure the success of six sigma project requires a special study. Project a professional handling not only execute the project and its maintenance, but also must provide evaluation tools to determine the level of success of the project has been launched. Broadly speaking, the analysis of performance management relating to the implementation of six-sigma focuses on two important aspects, the aspects of knowledge management to the principles of lean sigma and management aspects of motivation and commitment to implement them.

Lead and Sponsoring Efforts Lean Six-sigma

Project will run properly if it is supported by all components of the company concerned. Not only the work of the operator who has a direct relationship with the production process, but from top managers to machine operators, member logistics, cleaning service and all existing members in the company. The concept of lean six-sigma is relatively easy to make, just invite people who are competent, to discuss the project and provide training to member companies and create standards of operation must be done, is enough. But more important is to make lean manufacturing into a culture that for generations there working environment. Collective consciousness is what is expected of each company when it issued an operational standard for lean manufacturing and lean six-sigma.