Lean Six Sigma training in an integrated, systematic and sustained will be the fundamentals of business leadership skills that are useful in the development of professional management, so as to build a corporate organization that refers to the concept of corporate professionalism and efficiency in all areas.

To measure the success of six sigma project requires a special study. Project a professional handling not only execute the project and its maintenance, but also must provide evaluation tools to determine the level of success of the project has been launched. Broadly speaking, the analysis of performance management relating to the implementation of six-sigma focuses on two important aspects, the aspects of knowledge management to the principles of lean sigma and management aspects of motivation and commitment to implement them.

After the analysis, mapping of knowledge and motivation of employees can be generally categorized into 4 categories: High Knowledge High Motivation, High Knowledge Low Motivation, and Low Knowledge High Motivation and Low Motivation Low Knowledge. The first category is a category which is the hope of every company that does the implementation of six sigma project, while others still require action to make the performance better.

High Knowledge High Motivation, this achievement of the objectives of each project within the company. All systems are made perfectly applied in the company. Trainings given absorbed into valuable knowledge in the management of the organization. All member companies fully understand the project that became the target company. Likewise, the implementation, all welcome and systematically in accordance with company procedures are expected to work. All the system is running according to plan. This condition is called the ideal condition of a company; there is no means of fraud and waste. But the ideal conditions in the company’s reality is very difficult to accomplish, given the organization’s members have different characters and backgrounds. How could a thousand employees have knowledge that can be set in such a way as to understand according to the desired project drafter? There must be a few percent who do not understand very well the concept is given. But statistics can be predicted to determine the condition of the project, such as the condition of 80% to 100% of employees are considered to be close to perfect understanding, the need for maintenance in terms of motivation and retraining scheduled to recall the understanding of the concepts that have been planted earlier.

Low Motivation High Knowledge, this achievement can be said to still need guidance in the areas of character and work ethic of employees. Low motivation of the project company is often an obstacle for any manufacturer worldwide. Even enterprise-class world was often experience this sort of thing. Motivation of employees to decline resulting in decreased employee productivity. In this case, we can be seen that the workers actually have a good level of knowledge but a lack of enthusiasm and motivation. Management should be responsive to these circumstances. The most urgent thing is to conduct a survey of work motivation to be done professionally by a company psychologist. Base on the survey, the results to the real action to give the motivations of both personal and mass training of self-awareness and motivation to work. For companies, they must also provide a serious response to this problem, for example by giving awards to employees who excel in the implementation of the improvement project.

Low Knowledge High Motivation, such conditions occur if the method of training for the relevant project is on target and the material is not absorbed well by the employees. Or maybe the level of employee participation is still low due to several causes, such as lack of support for the existing leaders in the field for the training. Other causes, such tight schedule of work that must meet certain targets that cannot be left to follow the lean six sigma training. To address this need coordination between management, lean six sigma team and employees in the work area. Time and systematic training methods must be adapted to factory conditions and employees.

Low Motivation Knowledge, this is the most severe conditions in the company. After implementation of lean six sigma project, but still does the level of awareness and knowledge of employees and management is still low. This may be less solid coordination between the departments with one another. Each has its own egoism. Vision and mission are not well implanted in the minds member companies. Hence the need for a review of the system and corporate organizations, ranging from recruitment system to work procedures provided to each employee