Project will run properly if it is supported by all components of the company concerned. Not only the work of the operator who has a direct relationship with the production process, but from top managers to machine operators, member logistics, cleaning service and all existing members in the company.

The concept of lean six-sigma is relatively easy to make, just invite people who are competent, to discuss the project and provide training to member companies and create standards of operation must be done, is enough. But more important is to make lean manufacturing into a culture that for generations there working environment. Collective consciousness is what is expected of each company when it issued an operational standard for lean manufacturing and lean six-sigma.

In fact, the hardest thing in the application of lean six-sigma is to maintain the continuity of the project can really feel the benefits. Standards and maintain a work culture that refers to the lean manufacturing and lean sigma that is the problem every company. Lean sigma concept is so prestigious that can reduce cost and improve the efficiency of the company would be meaningless if it only lasts a few months.
After a few months to compete in the global market, but after it could not compete anymore, and the losses will be borne by the company.

One cause is the passage of the program is an indifferent attitude toward the program itself. Moreover, by top management. Lean manufacturing culture should first be exemplified by the manager role in maintaining the attitude and performance of their work room. Leaders who can be role models and have a strong character that is expected to be a pillar of the success of a project. Then followed by an existing employee underneath. With good communication and friendship then lean concepts in influencing behavior at work can be realized.