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Self Adjusting to Product Variations with Multipurpose Machine

When considering the fabrication machinery or equipment actually, to conflict between product variety and production. If we do not produce many kinds of products, special equipment for mass production for example is usually a powerful weapon to reduce costs. However, at the Toyota there are various types of cars that are distinguished in various combinations based on type, tires, options, colors and others. For example, three or four thousand types of corona, actually produced. To carry out production lancar with various types of similar products, needed a useful machines or flexible. By adding certain instruments and tools on these machines, Toyota has set a production process to accommodate the general usability.

Production According to Market Demand

Production launch is the most important requirement for production with Kanban and to minimize the idle time in terms of manpower, equipment and goods in process. smoothing production is the cornerstone of the Toyota production system. As previously mentioned, every process goes into the process earlier to take the necessary goods at the time required in the necessary quantities. With that kind of production arrangement, if the next process to take spare parts are fluctuating in terms of time or number, then the previous process have to prepare supplies, equipment, and labor amount needed to adjust to peak variation of the amount requested.