Production launch is the most important requirement for production with Kanban and to minimize the idle time in terms of manpower, equipment and goods in process. smoothing production is the cornerstone of the Toyota production system.

As previously mentioned, every process goes into the process earlier to take the necessary goods at the time required in the necessary quantities. With that kind of production arrangement, if the next process to take spare parts are fluctuating in terms of time or number, then the previous process have to prepare supplies, equipment, and labor amount needed to adjust to peak variation of the amount requested.

Therefore, the line of rafts from the car so, as the last process in the Toyota plant, will produce and deliver every type of automobile in accordance with the lapse of time itself, ie the time interval terjualnya one unit in the average car. (The time is called cycle time.) In a similar way, lines will also receive the necessary spare parts from the previous process.

In short, the last raft lines produce exactly each type of product in accordance with its own cycle times daily. Variations in the amount of each spare parts taken from each line subperakitan will be minimal, thus allowing subperakitan dandengan produce each spare parts with fixed speed or in a fixed amount per hour. Smooth Such production can be illustrated by the following examples.