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Lean Sigma thinking in all fields

Changing paradigms and patterns of employees think the company and all of the components is not an easy job. Behavior to make the process of formation of sigma lean into the work culture within a company requires hard work and sustained effort. Hard work requires a strong will and an integrated system starting from the top manager to field employees.. Generally accepted concept of lean sigma regardless of industry and services. All types of companies can be conditioned in the application of lean sigma concept for performance and quality of expected output.

Continue to try and develop techniques to improve the quality

It is to be conducted by the company is constantly looking for techniques and tools to achieve excellence or error-free service called the zero defect This improvement process can be improved continuously and process capability can be measured using the size of the target sigma to six sigma Six sigma thinking needs to be disseminated to all parts regardless of industry type or types of activities. Thus the lean six sigma can be applied to all processes. Lean six sigma is applied in the industry called lean manufacturing, lean sixma while employed in the service industry to be lean sigma service.

Lean and Six Sigma Objectives

Based on some references can be concluded that; LEAN, its main goal is to expedite the process of production / services along the value stream (from raw materials, production processes and finished goods. There was also trying to eliminate MUDA (seven Waste). SIX SIGMA, the main target of improving the process capability to achieve superior value stream (Zero defect) and eliminate the variations or inconsistencies throughout the value stream.