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For what 5s exist and its benefits for the company

The 5S program was first introduced in Japan are movements to train sorting, arrangement (seiton), cleansing (seiso), guarding steady conditions (seiketsu), and self-purification of the habits necessary to do a good job (shitsuke). 5s is to improve workplace efficiency and quality The contents of 5S include: 1. 整理 (seiri),is an activity to get rid of items that are not needed so that all goods on the work site only goods that really needed in work activities. Seiri is the first step of implementation of 5S, namely: sorting of useful and useless goods: Handy stuff => Saved Items not useful => Removed In this first step known as Red Tag Strategy, which marks the goods that are not useful with red label (red tag) to be easily distinguished from the items that are still useful. The items with the red label are then removed from the workplace. The leaner (lean) of the workplace of unneeded items, the more efficient the workplace will be. 2. 整頓 (seiton),everything must be placed accord