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Mapping Products

Mapping of production activities is very helpful to analyze the advantages and disadvantages in terms of the production process. The grouping of these products will help the improvement process. This mapping can be done individually each product family, product line throughout the value stream process, to identify value-added activities and non-added value is a waste of money. Groups that have value-added activities will be the basis of improvement and further developed to achieve optimal performance. In contrast, for the processes that are not detail the contributions and tend to “waste” for the production process immediately corrected and removed, so as not to cause problems persist.

Value Stream Process

The term value stream is a series of processes from suppliers, manufacturing processes, product delivery and distribution of goods or services. Value stream itself involves several business networks consisting of companies that supply raw materials or semi-finished, then the company and its partners for the delivery partners for the distribution of goods. Even this distribution companies have also long chains to form a sub-distribution, sub agents and so on. Companies incorporated in the value stream can be controlled by a single business management or a corporate network. A clear management control to the flow of goods must be considered in terms of quality. Starting from the flow of raw materials adan sig sigma lean implementation should be undertaken in earnest.

Lean-Sigma Enterprise

Lean concept was originally adopted from the Toyota management system concept developed extensively and thoroughly on a world-class companies, while the Sig Sigma concept was adopted from the concept of Motorola’s management system. Both together form a robust system with output quality and powermanagement terbagik incredible. So much attracted the attention of major companies in the world. The strength of these two concepts together or come along to the concept of Lean-Sigma. Lean goals is to create a smooth flow of product throughout the value stream (value stream process) and removes all types of waste. While the goal of Six Sigma is to improve process capability throughout the value stream to achieve zero defects and eliminate variation.