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The concept of a belt in six sigma

You may have understood how Six Sigma improves quality, and is familiar with some of the statistical tools and analysis models that project teams use to improve processes. But Six Sigma goes beyond using advanced analysis and statistical methods to solve problems only. Belt System helps members of Six Sigma understand their responsibilities and coordinate their work. To understand what makes the Six Sigma team work together well, it’s important to get acquainted with Belt System. Like belt ranking in martial arts, Belt System Six Sigma gives individuals different levels of authority and responsibility based on their training and experience. all kinds of belts in six sigma. 1. Six Sigma White Belt – This is the first level of knowledge of Six Sigma. White Belts completes several hours of Six Sigma practice that helps them understand the basics of Six Sigma and promote it within the organization. White Belts appears throughout the organization chart, from frontline workers to corporate e

Total Quality Management : Deming’s 14 points *

1. Create purpose towards improvement of product and services in the long run. 2. Shoddy materials,poor workmanship, defective products and lax service must become unacceptable. 3. Cease dependence on mass inspection. Instead, process must be improved. 4. Buy material only if the supplier has a quality process rather than on the basis of price alone. 5. Waste must be reduced and quality improvement in every activity (Procurement, engineering, maintenance, sales, distribution, accounting, payroll, customer service and manufacturing)