1. Create purpose towards improvement of product and services in the long run.
2. Shoddy materials,poor workmanship, defective products and lax service must become unacceptable.
3. Cease dependence on mass inspection. Instead, process must be improved.
4. Buy material only if the supplier has a quality process rather than on the basis of price alone.
5. Waste must be reduced and quality improvement in every activity (Procurement, engineering, maintenance, sales, distribution, accounting, payroll, customer service and manufacturing)

6. Institute modern aids to training on the job
7. Supervisors must be empowered to inform upper management about conditions
that need correction.
8. People must not afraid to ask questions, to report problems, or express ideas.
9. Break down barriers between departments. Work as a team for the company.
10. Eliminate numerical goals. Most changes are out of workers’ control, so exhortations merely cause resentment.
11. Review work standard to account for quality.
12. Remove barrier that rob people of their pride of workmanship
13. People must be continually trained and retrained.
14. Create a structure in top management to push above 13 points everyday.

from various sources