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The word quality has many different definitions and varies from the conventional to the more strategic. Conventional definition of quality directly describes the characteristics of a product such as: performance, reliability, easy to use, aesthetics, and so forth. Strategic definition states that quality is everything that is capable of meeting customer needs or desires. Privileges or advantages of the products can be measured through customer satisfaction. This feature not only consists of the characteristics of the products offered, but also the service that accompanies the product, such as marketing, delivery accuracy and others. Privilege directly related to customer satisfaction is obtained directly in consuming products that have superior characteristics such as products without defects, reliability and others. Attractive privileges associated with that customer satisfaction is obtained indirectly by consuming the product. Attractive privilege often gives greater satisfaction to

Visualization the Improvement Stories

Improvement is made at the expense of time and effort. In order to get the response and appreciation from others in the company, it must be documented as well visualized to the improvement storyboard. This is very important because: 1. To keep the team spirit in making improvement. Because by knowing the story improvement that has been on display so it looks clearly how achievement of which have been obtained and the possibility of further improvement can be made.

Capable of Making the Product Under Actual Operating Conditions

Creating a quality product design should stick to the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing. Lean manufacturing focuses on the savings in all production lines must remain the reference. Indeed the general product quality must be built with raw materials, machinery and processes are also expensive. But that does not mean having to add production machinery if there are changes in product design or any new product. Trends and design changes may often occur in the course of making products that meet the standards of customer demand. However, the appropriate design expertise with production machinery that exists is the main priority in order to obtain maximum benefits.