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Data Sources for Gathering Voice of Customer

Consumer voice to benchmark our product success in penetrating the market. Basically the market demand does not change that, continuitas production, providing fast, production quality and low prices. However, all forms of voice of the customer must still be heard and taken seriously for customer satisfaction. After all customer satisfaction is the main purpose of a manufacturer. Source data from the consumer / customer can be obtained from anywhere, be it directly or heard from others. Some of the activities of interaction with the customer that can be used as voice of customer data sources are as follows:

Shewhart's Cycles

Every improvement requires a systematic method to solve a problem. The steps taken in the repair is an ongoing process to achieve near-perfect production quality. Shewhart’s Cycles, one of the measures designed to ease resolve quality problems. The method used in the form of cycles in order to be sustainable into the next cycles. PDCA concept which later developed into a standardized problem solving as well as increased productivity and quality.