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Continue to try and develop techniques to improve the quality

It is to be conducted by the company is constantly looking for techniques and tools to achieve excellence or error-free service called the zero defect This improvement process can be improved continuously and process capability can be measured using the size of the target sigma to six sigma Six sigma thinking needs to be disseminated to all parts regardless of industry type or types of activities. Thus the lean six sigma can be applied to all processes. Lean six sigma is applied in the industry called lean manufacturing, lean sixma while employed in the service industry to be lean sigma service.

Principles of Lean Service

Development of lean concepts are applied to products of services, administration, banking. The exact specifications of the product the customer wants. identifications of value stream for each of the services. Elimination of all waste streams included in the service process (moments of truth) in order to create value flow without resistance Establish an anti-error (mistake-proof system) of each service process (moments of truth) to avoid waste and delay The pursuit of excellence to achieve perfection (zero waste) through continuous improvement in radical (radical continuous improvement)