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Requirements for transformation in the CTQ

Requirements proposed by the customer becomes the basis for quality production. The quality of production must be controlled throughout the production value stream. Any possibility of bias makes defective must be standardized and made a point of critical of quality. For example, in terms of treatment of goods in the loading bay. If the raw material is fragile and requires special treatment, then every member should have training about the conduct of such material so as not to cause errors that affect product quality. Previous management company must make the standard treatment for raw materials.

Conduct Interviews to Determine Customer Needs

Opportunity of interaction with customers should be utilized to the maximum extent possible to know the customer in connection with our products. Are our products already meet the standards required by the customer. Is the product permit in accordance with customer demand and whether there are problems that occur related to our products? To get the answers we need to do an interview with the customer. Interviews should be conducted systematically and regularly, so data obtained can be used for basic data analysis. Several stages of the interview process can be described as follows:

Customer Research

Officially a company must have an agenda to do the research to the customer. This is very important because life and death of the company depending on the customer . If the product / service we are not in accordance with customer demand then one day it willbe a great loss for the company, especially in terms of our product competition in the market.