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Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations

General understanding about customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is the result of the differences between consumer expectations with the performance perceived by consumers. Various definitions of customer satisfaction that has been researched and defined by marketing experts , it can be concluded that customer satisfaction is a behavioral response consumers in the form of after- purchase evaluation of a good or service that feels ( product performance ) compared to consumer expectations . Customer satisfaction is very dependent on the perceptions and expectations of the consumers themselves . The factors that influence perceptions and expectations of consumers when making a purchase of goods or services is the need and desire felt by the consumer when purchasing a product or service , past experience when consuming goods or services and the experience of friends who have consume the goods or services and advertising . In the competitive environment , the indicators that can demonst

Customer Reaction to Improvement Feedback

Each customer reactions about our products should be addressed to the wise, without the emotional and subject to product improvement. The more votes the more loopholes customer improvement we can do to improve performance and product quality. If you really want to maximize customers reaction to your website you need to employ the use of a web accessibility software to detect potential problems with users accessing your website. According to the manufacturer experience, there are some voices that can be used as a reference customer in the improvement. And for companies that have not gotten used to anticipate customer reactions to avoid the negative claims of the customer. Thus although the manufacturer is not supposed to run from the reaction of customers, because customers are business associates and partners in making high quality products and widely accepted