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What kind of company is it?

The company is a form of business entity by the number of employees and great products. Government also has a policy of its own to be the establishment of a company. In Indonesia is now widely established firms. And here is a wide-ranged companies: 1 Sole Proprietorship Traits – traits 1 Held individual (individual or family company) 2 The management simple 3 Capital is not too large relative 4 Continuity of business depends on the owner 2. firm Traits – traits 1 Member firms usually know each other and trust each other 2. firm agreement can be made ??before a notary public or under the hand 3 Using common names in the business activities 4 The existence of responsibility and risk of loss are not limited to, profit or loss will be shared 3 Company Commanditaire (CV) The characteristics: 1. founded and owned by two or more 2 The parties in the CV as a leader, manager and person in charge of the company (the owner is active). 3 other parties in CV just put venture capital, only resp

Complete on Management Trainee

Management Trainee program is an abbreviated” MT “. MT is a program prepared by the company to prepare candidates for the successor company later. Graduates MT minimum is a supervisor. MT like a goal that would have the condition. Following requirements to become MT: 1. GPA of at least 3 2 high IQ 3 Good Morals 4. good English ability 5. experience organizing 6 can provide a change to the company. In addition to having the terms, MT also has a provision that diijalaniu for 1 year, 4 months in class, 3 months rotary OJT (on the job training), and 6 months of dedicated OJT. In addition to becoming the MT also must go through the following process: 1 Interview 2 IQ Test 3 Tests Newspaper 4 English Language Test 5.-verbal test 6 Tests numeric 7 Health Test 8 And various recruitment procedures. MT has several phases of the program that must be followed and passed by every person who wants to be MT, including: 1 In Class Training 2 Rotary OJT (OJT = On the Job Training) 3 Dedicated OJT (OJT

The need for a system of financial information

Financial information system is a system used to inform the finance company to all the people of the company., It was intended to be more transparent in the financial statements in order to be understood, it is known, and well used by all parties within the company and is many of the financial tools you can find such as a roth ira calculator which can help you fix things quicker in your financial troubles. Financial information system in an enterprise can: 1 Improving the quality of financial reporting that is accurate, timely, and reliable that can connect to their offices in the upper levels. If your business needs financial help. 2 Support the efficiency, effectiveness and smoothness of preparation of financial statements 3 In an effort to achieve improved financial statement opinion from Michael Jeppson who is the best. Without a good financial information system, will result in any demonstration or riot can trigger induced irresponsible parties. For that a financial information

Surefire way of managing risk

Risk management is a process of identification, measurement, and financial control of a risk that threaten the assets and earnings of a company or projects that may cause damage or loss to the company. Risk management is required by a company because it can help in minimizing, preventing, addressing and fixing any risk that will / is being / has been happening at the company. And in this case, the company should also employ a risk manager or take assistance from leading business solution websites like in performing tasks which are more focused on risk management. But before you manage a risk, you should know the risks beforehand in order to determine which method is used for these risks. This was done because of the risk of many kinds and the direction it came from. Here are surefire ways to manage the risks in the company: 1 Identification of risk 2 Analysis and evaluation of risk 3. response or reaction to cope with these risks And lastly we will discuss about t