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Implementation of the WIP

Seiri and Seiton typically applied to WIP. Toyota production system is specifically emphasized the importance of stock reduction. Improvement activities will run smoothly if everyone in the entire plant to feel the extravagance, interference or problems. These problems include excessive WIP stock, stock units and the defects that were obstructed by the interference machinery manufacturing processed next. Lean manufacturing will run as expected if the 5S management principles , especially the concept Seiton Seiri and applied to WIP management. In order for each operator to know the problems, standardized goods with plate placement instructions. Examples glance will enable anyone to easily know whether a certain item boxes are the proper place or not, or whether the boxes above the maximum.

WIP STOCK Problems

Work-In-Process (WIP) on the production process must be managed as efficiently as possible. Emphasized the importance of lean manufacturing systems reduce material stock / WIP on the existing production.

Basic Principles of Lean-Sigma To Win the Competition

The term lean is an attempt to pass the renewal and reduce the variety of waste in a company to improve the quality of the product or service so that it will be worth more in the eyes of the customer. The basic concept of Lean-Sigma in the end is the lower costs incurred in the activities of the company. In this case the company concentrates identifying costs that should not be excluded. In other words the savings made by emphasizing the good work efficiency is realized by the member firms or not. As known in advance that the implementation of lean manufacturing was first introduced by Taiichi Ohno of Toyota Motor Company, a world-class giant company that is always active and doing improvement innovations in the field of efficiency and product quality. With such conditions the company Toyota to compete in world markets with a quality and competitive price.