Work-In-Process (WIP) on the production process must be managed as efficiently as possible. Emphasized the importance of lean manufacturing systems reduce material stock / WIP on the existing production. Lean manufacturing activities in the management of this WIP will run smoothly if all members understand the true consequences of production will result from this WIP stock. Employee awareness is the key to this adjustment problem.

WIP stock issues that are often found in manufacturing processes in the production area;

Excess Stock of WIP
Excess production of processed stock WIP is a waste of time, waste of capital, if not immediately taken action will affect productivity and late delivery of goods to the customer.
Excess Stock of WIP could be some such factors caused the engine were damaged, the human factor which has different skills, delivery of goods from the store errors into the production process.

Defective Unit/material
Defective material will hamper the process and causing a shortage in stock of WIP single dip process and the excess stock of other roses. If there is such a defect of this stock must be removed from the production process with the 5S lean manufacturing concepts discussed earlier. Furthermore, a shortage of stock must be replaced with new stock. The most detrimental defects occur is if the last process before the finished product.

Machine Disorders
Engine trouble as the primary cause of stock piling WIP is processed, whether due to maintenance or machine breaks suddenly. If the engine died because the treatment would not affect production because it is usually already scheduled engine maintenance neatly by taking into account the material conditions and, based on the balance of the overall production, so it still could be in anticipation. But in case the machine is damaged or dies because of the condition of the machine as well as power supply will cause the stock suddenly abundant. This should be coordinated and maintenance parts for the machine can finish on time.

Lean manufacturing should be coordinated with the department and other committees. 5S manufacturing remains a high priority, with a high awareness of the production department is fully supported from maintenance department. If coordinated well the Stock WIP excess will be easily solved.