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7 Waste in Lean

Because the main focus of Lean is to eliminate waste in the process , then the concept is there are 7 kinds of waste that generally occurs , which must be removed . 7 Waste include: 1. Transportation Waste ( Waste consists of a transfer or conveyance that is not necessary as the placement of temporary , again buildup , the movement of goods ) 2. Waste Excess Inventory ( Inventory , stocks or excess inventory ) 3. Waste Movement ( Motion , is a waste of time that is used to look for , then movement is inefficient and not ergonomic ) 4. Waste Waiting ( Waiting , this waste among other activities including automatic machines waiting , waiting for things to come , etc. ) 5. Excess Waste Production ( Over Production , produces products exceeds demand , or ahead of schedule ) 6. Excess Waste Process ( Over Processing , adding that the process is not required for goods products will only add to the cost of production 7. Defect Waste ( Rework , rework no added value ( the customer does not pay

Increase Efficiency for Waste Elimination Process to Create New Value To Consumers

Lean Manufacturing , or also known as the Lean Enterprise , Lean Production , or simply just called ” Lean ” it is a methodology that focuses on the use of production practices and empowering resources to create value for customers ; way is by eliminating waste ( waste ) that occurs the process so that the process is more effective and efficient , with better output quality . In the eyes of the customer , ” value” as used here means all the factors that make customers willing to buy or pay for a product or service . In essence , Lean focused on ” preserving value with less work” . Fundamentally , Lean has focused on how to maximize the organization’s value ( value ) received by the customer and at the same time minimizing waste in the process . Waste ( waste ) is a process that does not provide value ( value) to customers . This concept was originally applied by Toyota in its production process . Researchers from MIT who wrote about the concept in the book ” The Machine That Changed Th