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Six sigma black belt training quality

To make the Six Sigma project run smoothly and in accordance with the target required some professionals who have their respective roles. In the project level we know Black Belt, Green Belt, Master Black Belt, and Team Member. Six Sigma Black Belt Training This training is a six sigma advance training because after this training generally those who have completed this training have the ability to complete a cross-functional DMAIC project and have a higher skill. In many organizations, the Black Belt is generally asked to lead a project that consists of several Green Belts to help them. There is also a Black Belt that is asked to be a coach for Green Belt. What qualities do you need to become a reliable Black Belt? Capable ability. A Black Belt does not have to be a technical graduate or major in statistics, but he has the ability to collect and transform data into information that he and the team can understand. He also has the ability to analyze data into a knowledge to determine what