To make the Six Sigma project run smoothly and in accordance with the target required some professionals who have their respective roles. In the project level we know Black Belt, Green Belt, Master Black Belt, and Team Member.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training
This training is a six sigma advance training because after this training generally those who have completed this training have the ability to complete a cross-functional DMAIC project and have a higher skill. In many organizations, the Black Belt is generally asked to lead a project that consists of several Green Belts to help them. There is also a Black Belt that is asked to be a coach for Green Belt.

What qualities do you need to become a reliable Black Belt?

Capable ability. A Black Belt does not have to be a technical graduate or major in statistics, but he has the ability to collect and transform data into information that he and the team can understand. He also has the ability to analyze data into a knowledge to determine what improvement strategy is chosen. Without such a capability a Black Belt will get caught in the academic and theoretical matters.

A Black Belt knows what he is doing. He has good business knowledge and is able to see the relationships of projects done with the results desired by the organization. He was able to describe how the company’s vision was derived from vision to strategy to key performance indicators and the determination of projects implemented to meet the KPI

Orientation on Results. The determination of a Black Belt’s quality is tangible and measurable, not subjective. Although he is good at communicating, coordinating, liked by team and management but his projects often fail, he is not the Black belt that your organization expects.

Able to manage the project. Six Sigma means working on a project within a certain timeframe. Black Belt must understand what is the requirement, scope, resources, time constraints, and perspective of variance. Understanding the basics of project management or experience in running a project is an important ability to have.

Black Belt is a regulator of attack and defense at once. Black Belt must have the ability to lead a team, be part of it, and understand the dynamics and management of conflict

Black Belt understands how to communicate with customers and get the most critical customer needs. After that Black Belt is able to translate the customer’s critical needs into something that is measurable.

Communication skills. Quality results are obtained from good reception of proposed improvement ideas. Good reception by all stakeholders is determined by the ability to communicate in “selling” the idea. Black Belt must be able to understand how he communicates with various levels within the organization.

Passion to always be better. Perfection is a process, not an end. For him there is always a way or a better system than the current one. A Black Belt is a self-motivated, learner, and keeps on upgrading