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Work? 5s for sure

5S is an abbreviation contains the best handling techniques for homes, factories and companies having direct impact on productivity. 5S aims to workplace efficiency by reducing wastage of goods, equipment or time. 5s are as follows: 1 SEIRI / concise / Sorting that sort, assign, manage, and dispose of anything that is not needed in the workplace, as well as search for the cause of labor discomfort. The more lean workplace of the items that are not needed, the more efficient the work place. 2 Seiton / stacking / neat / Structuring the storage and arrangement of everything in a certain place them properly, an irregular rapid. Used to easier find the items needed quickly, as the visible control, and reduce waste in the form of movement back and forth while looking for stuff. 3 Seiso / rehearsal / Cleaning cleaning the workplace in accordance with the applicable rules to be neat and clean. Used as a control companies. 4. SHEIKETSU / milling / care / treatment the maintenance of the continu

The concept of Kaizen

The concept of kaizen include several things , namely : A. Concept 3 M ( Muda , Mura , and Muri ) This concept was formed to reduce the number of work processes , improve quality , shorten the time and reduce or efficiency .

Correlation of Kaizen With Productivity

Kaizen concept as described above include, among others: Concept 3 M (Muda, Mura, and Muri); Movement 5 S (seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke); concept PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) is are important steps towards efficiency and effectiveness of a production process that is also the principle of productivity. In other words, if well implemented Kaizen concept to a company / industry so that productivity can be achieved with good work. Then correlations between Work Productivity Kaizen with very closely, line, and support each other in efforts to increase labor productivity.

Productivity Concerning matter the final outcome

Productivity means something that contains the potential to be extracted , so that productivity may say something in order to process structured activities that explore the potential that exists in an object . Philosophy productivity implies the desire and effort of every man to always improve the quality of life and livelihood . In general, productivity is defined as the ratio between the output with the input, productivity is “Concerning matter the final outcome , ie how much the final results obtained in the production process , in this case the efficiency and effectiveness ” and Comparison between the output with the input . If productivity is rising was only made possible by an increase in efficiency ( time , materials , labor ) and labor systems , production techniques and an increase in the skills of its workforce ” . From the opinions of the aforementioned productivity has two dimensions , the first effectiveness that leads to the achievement of maximum work is the achievement